Youth Ministry (7th to 12th Grade)

Erin Willyard Picture

Erin Willyard – Youth Coordinator

HOG Youth is a student-oriented ministry of Heart of God fellowship targeted at reaching the hearts of 7th to 12th graders. We want our youth to be on fire for God and make positive impacts on each other and the community. We want to be able to offer them an opportunity to find out what fantastic adventures and opportunities God has for their lives, where they stand in their relationship with him, and how they can improve that relationship. We want to create a fun inviting atmosphere for spiritual growth and encouragement in whatever level of relationship with God they may come to us with.

We hold youth services every Thursday in order to give our youth a chance to fellowship and worship with each other. We meet at our location in Buckner, MO Thursdays at 7:00 pm. We worship, have lessons and play games till service ends at 8:00 pm. Regular events and fundraisers are also planned throughout the month. The biggest thing we are working towards now is raising funds for a mission trip to Haiti next spring. Parents please feel free to contact the youth leaders for more information on any event or fundraiser.

Our youth are lead by our Youth Director, Erin Willyard. Erin Willyard started as a HOG Youth when she was in 7th grade over 15 years ago and went on to continue assisting in leading the youth group until Melissa Dziurawiec stepped down as youth coordinator. Along with the help of Charity Arnold, she teaches the youth group on Thursday nights and coordinates youth events we plan throughout the year.

If your teenager is looking for a place to connect and talk about real issues while growing in their faith with God, then Heart of God is the place for them. We encourage parents to check get in your teenagers spiritual walk. Feel free to contact us with any concerns, questions or support you may have.

You can send an email to Heart of God Youth Leadership at