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children and youth enjoying a pool at church camp children and youth enjoying a pool at church camp

Children and Youth Ministry in Buckner, MO

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Nursery (Newborn to 2)

Welcome to the nursery at Heart of God Fellowship, we can’t wait to meet your babies/toddlers! There are nursery volunteers at the Sunday morning 10:30 am service, the volunteers arrive 15 minutes before service starts. We love playing, and are all just BIG kids at heart!

If it is your first time to drop off your child please fill out an information page on them (to help us get to know your child), bring any necessary items for us to care for them during service, and place a name tag on their back before leaving. We plan on having as much fun as possible playing while you are in service, but if that’s not happening for your child we can come get you from service.

We do have our own bathroom in the nursery, so please let us know if we need to help out when your child has started the exciting phase of potty training! Once a child is 3 years old and potty trained then they can transfer up to the Kingdom Kids class.

Kingdom Kids

For children 3 years old through 6th grades, our Kingdom Kids group is our exciting and entertaining approach to teaching kids the biblical truths that form the foundation for lifelong relationships with Jesus Christ. Our dedicated Kingdom Kids leaders use a variety of techniques for educating the children ranging from skits and puppet shows to age appropriate worship and bible lessons. Our goal is to keep kids engaged in our activities from the time they enter our classrooms to the time they leave and we believe that the kids respond to the energy of our workers. The early childhood ministry here at Heart of God is very important to us. We strive to not only offer a biblical foundation for your child but also a safe environment. All staff and volunteers who work, in our children’s ministries, are required to have a background check done.

The Kingdom Kids meet during our Sunday morning service at 10:30 AM and also during the Thursday evening service at 7:00 PM.

Youth Ministry

We are the student-oriented ministry of Heart of God Fellowship that is specifically targeted at reaching the hearts of young people from the 7th to 12th grades. At Heart of God, we understand that kids in junior high and high school are in the truly formative years of their lives and are seeking for answers and experiences that will help them discover who they want to be for the rest of their lives. What we want to be able to do is offer them an opportunity to find out what fantastic adventures and opportunities God wants to offer them in their lives, and then lead them in a relationship with Him. It is our highest goal to create an atmosphere of fun and fellowship that offers our youth a chance for spiritual growth and encouragement, as well as providing an inviting experience that appeals even to youth who have had little previous exposure to church.

Our youth are led by our Youth Director, Erin Willyard. Erin Willyard started as a HOG Youth when she was in 7th grade over 10 years ago and went on to continue assisting in leading the youth group since 2016. Erin teaches the youth group on Thursday nights and coordinates youth events that are planned throughout the year.

If your teenager is looking for a place to connect and talk about real issues while growing in their faith with God, then Heart of God is the place for them. We encourage parents to check get in your teenagers spiritual walk. Feel free to contact us with any concerns, questions or support you may have.

4:12 Youth meets for a full-fledged service every Thursday night at 7:00 PM and also frequently holds a short lesson or bible study specifically for youth on Sunday mornings during the 10:30 AM service.
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