Music Ministry

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Angela Kaps – Music Ministry Leader

Hello! And welcome to the Heart of God Fellowship Music Ministry Page!

We are constantly striving to attain a deeper level of worship for ourselves and the congregation on a weekly basis in preparation for the sermon, and for the Holy Spirit to minister to us while we worship. The English word “Worship” has over 100 Greek and Hebrew meanings in the Bible, meaning that worship is a lifestyle, not just songs and music. We are humbled to know that God has called us into this ministry of His, and we find incredible joy in this calling, despite its headaches.

We are involved with worship for traditional and contemporary style services. On the team, our individual tastes in music range from Amy Grant and George Winston to Andy Mineo, Red, For Today, Crowder, MercyMe and a laundry list of other Christian and secular artists. Seriously, it’s a laundry list – talk to Silas. We are in the middle of preparing for Easter Sunday and Biker Sunday (April 5th and 19th, respectively) in addition to regular preparation for Sunday services.

Just as Jesus organized the 5,000 and gave thanks to the Father before they were fed, we find it very necessary to plan set lists far before the service date, up to over a month in advance, and pray before every service. We are still in awe of how the Holy Spirit is able to match the songs to the message perfectly every time, even when Pastor changes his message that morning. The bible also shows an extensive history of worship in the Old and New Testaments. King David wrote over 50 Psalms and use this songs as part of his worship. The prophet Isaiah called for a musician before he received prophetic words. While we could go on and on about how important worship is to God and us, our calling and attitude about worship can be summarized by Psalm 147:1.

“Praise the LORD! For it is good to sing praises to our God; For it is pleasant, and praise is beautiful.” – New King James Version

If you have any questions about the Heart of God Fellowship Music Ministry or would like to know about getting involved, please contact Angela Kaps or Silas Arnold at