Pastor-Bob-KapsPastor Bob Kaps, Senior Pastor
Pastor Bob started Heart of God Fellowship as a home ministry several years ago and has seen that small group grow into a multi-faceted ministry organization serving several communities in the Kansas City area. Pastor strives to live a life dedicated to sharing the love, peace, and freedom of the Gospel’s grace message with people from all backgrounds. [LEARN MORE ABOUT PASTOR KAPS]


Randy-ArnoldRandy Arnold, Church Administrator
Randy is a longtime member at Heart of God Fellowship who accepted a job as the Church’s Administrator in 2010. In his current role, Randy does a little bit of everything from maintenance, to project coordination, to scheduling and more. Basically, if there is a question to be answered or situation to be addressed, Randy is often the first line of contact.


A. Kaps Picture

Angela Kaps, Music & Worship Director
The younger daughter of Pastor Bob Kaps, Angela has been a member at Heart of God for years. Angela took over the Praise & Worship team in Buckner in December of 2012, combining lifelong passions for music and faith.



Erin Willyard PictureErin Willyard, Youth Minister





Gene Stowell, Kingdom Men Group




Kathy Weddle, Walk Worthy Women




Martha-DavisMartha Davis, Children’s Minister