Day Three

The first part of day we spent in the poorest part of Source Matelas. They are lead by Voodoo. Nobody can except Christ unless the leader does first. Olkine has been working on trying to save this leader for a long time. We definitely made an impact, but he did not except Christ. In the village being the leader is very important and you have to follow him. One father came with the his 12 year old daughter who made him come. He shared that with the leader and he asked her to pray and she did an amazing job. It was sad to all of us to see these children of God suffering due to their believes. After lunch we went to Olkine’s home on top of a mountain in Source Matelas. He has a very nice home that he was very proud of, but was also clear that it was not finished yet. The view on the mountain was beyond beautiful and so is his baby who is now 6 months. It is amazing to see the difference him and his wife are making! They are powerful children of God! After his home we walked to the water sources in the village. It was a culture shock to see the people bathing and cleaning clothes in the water. Olkine wanted us to realize this is the culture and to not look down on them for it. This was a good day for us and we learned a lot more about the culture of the people. Some of us also went to buy souvenirs from the vendors. They work hard to get you to buy their things and it’s fun to haggle the prices with them.

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