Day Eight – Coming Home

We made it home last night, though it was touch and go for a while. A ride to the airport that should’ve taken us 30 minutes took 3 and a half hours. We were sitting on a road that was stand still traffic about to miss our flight yesterday. The bus driver decided to take some back roads to try and get to the airport that lead us through some very narrow forest looking area. After we prayed we really got moving. After giving out a lot of tips at the airport all 28 of us made it on the flight, which included the other group we were with at the mission all week. It was one of the hottest most nerve wrecking times ever, but God got us on our flight. It was experience we will never forgot. We are very thankful for the bus driver doing everything he could to get us there and the other mission worker that was with us who called our airline and got them to meet us and help get us out though everything at the airport. Please pray for differences to be made and that we may not forgot this experience and what God has shown us. Please feel free to ask us about our trip and help continue supporting the mission and the great work they do.

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