Tomorrow We Leave –

Tomorrow we leave on our trip to Haiti! We have fundraised for over a year to make this happen and we couldn’t have done it without the help and support we have received. The help and support has given our youth a great opportunity to minister to others and have a life changing, eye opening experience like no other. Mission of Hope is a great ministry that continues to add more and more then the ways the are helping and sharing God with the people in Haiti. They believe it’s not only important to tell others about God, but show them as well. They run a orphanage, school, church, hospital, and a nutrition program that feeds over 90,000 meals a day. Outside of the mission they have a mobile health clinic and dental clinic, a prosthetics lab, and many other outreaches to help the community. While there we will be taking part in all of these things they do and will be going into homes ministering to the people in the village and gathering information for the mission to continue making the huge impact that they do, visit orphanages and attend the church service held on the mission. We will be sharing our experiences on this trip hopefully on a daily basis if the internet allows. We hope that you will keep us in our prayers as we take this trip and consider going with us next time or supporting the mission in all the great things they do to share God with others and help those in desperate need. You don’t get the full effect until you experience it in person, but I hope you will take part in our trip by reading and looking at what we share and asking any questions you have about our trip.

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