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Mike and Pat Heiser – HoGF Kenya

Heart of God Kenya: ordinary people serving THE SUPERNATURAL GOD through:
• Churches
• Bible College
• Children Home
The Gospel of God’s Grace is changing Kenya. The road to change is often rough in this dry and poverty stricken land. 80% of the people still live in mud huts with no running water and few have electricity. Walking is the primary form of transportation. Donkey and oxen carts still carry farm produce to the market. And travel between town and village is done on dangerously over-crowded mini vans called matatus. For decades missionaries have built schools and hospitals to help these people but only the revelation of the Grace of Jesus Christ brings permanent change.
And Kenyan people are ready for change. Through cell phones people are connecting who were isolated before People can now stay close to each other and pray together. Every year more and more people are getting on the internet and discovering a BIG world outside their small mud hutted village.
Through NEEMA Bible College people are changing through the power of God’s Word. Once they discover the truth, NBC students are refusing to live under condemnation which has been used to controlled believers for centuries.
When NEEMA Bible College classes go out to the villages, churches that were once rivals are now finding unity as they discover God’s grace. NBC graduates who are children workers, pastors, policemen, farmers, and businessmen are spreading this revelation of a powerful, loving God to others.
The Word becomes flesh as pastors now share the Good News with their congregations. Family life is changing as tribal traditions such as bride price crumble when couples unite in marriage covenants. Children are taught God’s love and protection instead of God’s wrath and vengeance.
God’s Word is also changing the lives of orphans and street kids as they find food, family and Jesus at the family home of Mike and Pat Heiser in Meru, Kenya.
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