Day Five

The pastor at Church of Hope this morning had a beautiful and passionate message, though it was in creole. Olkine did share the message with pastor. It was out of Nemiah. In a nutshell it was about following through in your faith and how you can’t be a Christian and practice voodoo. A message that is very needed for those in Haiti. After church and lunch we toured the other campus’s that MOH has. One has a school, missionary housing, a place for a pastors retreat. It is also the only place in Haiti for elderly housing. MOH was given the property by the government with the promise they would put a church and the housing for the elderly. I pray that this elderly housing works well and continues to build. They also are beach front and have plans to clear the beach and place bungalows for vacation ministries. Haiti is not a country that does well caring for the elderly. The other campus now has hundreds of houses made for those who had no housing after the earthquake. They are continuing to build because there is still people living in what is basically tents. This housing is also the first to integrate deaf with the hearing. They have solar panels to provide light to the community so they can speak at night. The school in the community on the hill educates the children in the community, including the deaf. I love that MOH is implementing so many great things that nobody else is. The difference they are making can’t be understood as well as seen.

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