Audrey Lanier – Missionary

My Testimony:
Audrey accepted Christ through hearing about having a personal relationship with Jesus at Lee’s Summit Community Church’s (LSCC) Vacation Bible School the summer of 2004. She was in 5th grade when she vividly remembers asking Jesus into her heart. She continued to actively participate in LSCC Student Ministry and decided to declare her faith to the world through baptism the in August, 2007 before her freshman year at Lee’s Summit North High School. She continue to play an active role in Student Ministry inviting her peers to church and beginning to lead elementary and middle school bible studies with the help of her mom and other women leadership. In 2010 she took her first trip to Honduras. It was very exciting for Audrey because she had always wanted to be a missionary. On this trip she fell in love with a country and a people she had never known before. She loved how family was so involved in the culture of Honduras. As a 16 year old who grew up with Foster kids in and out of her home her heart broke at a new level for the poverty she experienced in Honduras. On the plane ride home she prayed to her heavenly father to ask if there was something she could do in order to continue to help the people in this place. In that prayer the father whispered to her heart that someday she would live in Honduras. At 16 she agreed with the Holy Spirit and began to pray and seek wise counsel on how to follow this call.
Little Blurb about Who I am — What I do:
Audrey Lanier is a full-time missionary in San Pedro Sula, Honduras working with the Great Commissions Latin America (GCLA) Foundation. The San Pedro Sula GCLA Foundation works in the communities of San Pedro Sula, Honduras helping to build bridges between the community and the church. They have the CDIP​program, building projects, medical brigades and many other project to help connect people to a discipleship relationship or small group. Audrey is committing      fiv​e​ more years to the San Pedro Sula ​GCLA Foundation.
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Audrey Lanier, BSW 
Reliant Missionary 
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